Cleaning the Crafter

When I collected the Crafter it was clear that it had not been cleaned for a veryyyyy long time. The van had been used briefly by a kitchen fitting company and many broken tiles had been put in the back and the dust and dirt had made its way through to the cab area coating all the panels in a fine layer of dust. I spent considerable time cleaning every part of the cab with a toothpick and brush! 

Once the dust was removed I hoovered the inside and rented a special carpet vaccum (Carpet Doctor available from most UK supermarkets) for the day to help get the ingrained dirt out from the seats. This system worked very well and I was surprised how black the dirt was being sucked up into the machine. I cleaned my other car at the same time, which I thought was relatively clean as I rarely use the car and clean it most weekends, however I was even more surprised when I saw how much dirt was being cleaned off that cars seats! 


Once the van was looking cleaner I then set about removing the ply wood lying from within the rear load area. Thankfully these panels were in good condition and didn't have too many marks on which has protected the inside panels nicely. 

I also took up the wooden floor boards too and thoroughly cleaned underneath them. There was a glass fibre type material pinned to the underside of the flooring which in parts was covered in oil; I think something must been spilt in the van. This was not a problem though as it easily cleaned off and I was not planning on keeping the material underneath anyway as I plan to line it with a thermal barrier instead. 

The final stage was to clean the underside of the far the dirtiest! It took my Dad and I a fair while cleaning underneath the van with a pressure washer getting into all the bends and holes. I stayed away from the engine area and electrical lines and concentrated on the arches and ribs of the vehicle. I plan later on to place an underfloor water tank here so I wanted to make sure it was ready and clean.