Lining the roof and making the compartment

This topic is all about lining the roof of the cab. This is an essential process! You get condensation in the van from just breathing which all collects on the surface of any cold metal so it is very important that all cold metal is insulated. The roof above the driver's seat is important as any water that forms here will drip down into the electrics behind the dash. I decided that whilst i was doing this task i would also add a parcel shelf above the drivers head so that I could have extra storage for coats and bags in the cabin area. There is plenty of head height here so this is a perfect option.

The shelf was made using a 10mm plyboard which was covered in roof material and spray glued on. The shelf was then held into place using a metal L bracket going from under the board to the nearest grab handle by the window. This was done on both sides. This of course means that the board was pivoting in the middle but this is not a problem as when I put the rear wall on (the separating wall between cab and cabin) I added some plastic screw blocks to tie to the board to the wall.