Welding the sofa and bed

Part 2...

So now the framework is finished it is time to paint it! 5 steps:

  1. Clean the metal work with wire brush to remove any welding and imperfections. Then clean further with a metal polishing sanding bit on the end of an angle grinder. Its clean when its shiny!
  2. Paint a primer paint - I used a 2 part epoxy primary with etching built in (scratches itself onto the metal so it holds well)
  3. Paint an undercoat - I used a 1 part grey undercoat that sticks well to primer
  4. Paint the top coat - Black one part top coat - i used a gloss finish with two coats
  5. Spray finish a clear laquer on top - again i used a two part epoxy spray paint to give it a rock hard finish.

This combination together really works well and not a single scratch on the metal work so far! You could go and get the whole thing powder coat finished and that would be a truly great finish but its expensive and no where near me does this service cheaply so i opted for the home spray tent instead!