The day I bought the van!

October 21, 2017 Pete 1 comment

Today I headed over to Shropshire to buy the van! I spent a long time looking for the right van as I wanted to make sure that I chose the right vehicle in good condition to start this build project. The vehicle is going to be the base of this motorhome and any problems underneath the build would cause major problems later on so I needed to make sure I got this bit right. 

1 Comment on “The day I bought the van!

  1. The van was in a very dirty state and took me the whole weekend to clean it up. I spent hours with a thin piece of metal scrapping at all the hard to reach areas cleaning the dirt out the van. The van in its previous life was used for kitchen installations and the dust and debris from broken tiles has worked its way around the van. Thankfully this was just surface dirt and the whole van cleaned up very nicely.

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